Today, this blog is the official editorial companion to the Ruby Perrin shop.  Take a quick look through the archive, however, and you'll notice that the blog's predecessor was launched in October 2007. At the time, I was in my last year of law school and looking for a creative outlet: a way to combine my enthusiasm for sports (and by sports I mean college football -- Go Gators!), fashion and interior design.  The obvious answer was to start a blog, because I knew that as divergent as these interests seemed, I wasn't the only girl who got just as excited about the BCS National Championship Game as she did about the Manolo Blahnik sample sale and the latest issue of Domino Magazine (speaking of which, I know I'm not the only who's thrilled about its return). 

The blog's identity has undoubtedly evolved since it was known as the Fashion Obsessed Sports Fan(!).  But the truth is that those blog entries (which covered, among other things, the export of NFL games to London) are part of the Ruby Perrin story.  And at Ruby Perrin, authenticity is chief among our guiding principles.  It is in that spirit that the entire Ruby Perrin story -- past, present, and future -- lives fully here on the blog.

- Heather
New York, New York  | October 2013