July 2010

Design Observer was kind enough to feature Ruby Perrin in its round-up of design enthusiasts who had weighed in on the new offices at everyone's favorite fictional ad agency (that would be Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, of course).  From Design Observer's "Observed" Column (Ruby Perrin's observation was "brighter"):   

The design enthusiasts weigh in on the debut of season four of Mad Men, set in late 1964: start-up Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's new home is the Time-Life Building (perfect), and they've updated their moody late 50s interiors for a brighter, sleeker look, with all that smart, if slightly mismatched, furniture. And then there's that logo! No, not Arial, but the always tricky Akzidenz Grotesk. More from DO on Mad Men here, here and here. [MB] 

August 2010


Colour Lovers shared its love for seafoam green by tweeting a link to Ruby Perrin Design's homage to this perfect warm weather color: 

Sail away... Color of the Day: Seafoam Green 8:35 PM Aug 20th via HootSuite

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